Wearer of many hats and lover of movies, films and TV, you’ll find me watching thought-provoking documentaries with the same intensity as I watch the Bravo Housewives (don’t judge, I find it to be a fascinating study in pop culture).

I’m a business coach, consultant, mentor, entrepreneur, executive producer, screenwriter, author, speaker, jewelry silversmith and survivor. Many roles of a multifaceted life. I believe we all have the ability to accomplish a lot more than we think we can and I’m living proof of that statement.

“ I believe in the magic of butterflies and ladybugs, but I also believe in sex & drugs & rock'n roll. Most of all I believe we can all fly no matter how many times our wings get clipped.”

- Lauren Hirsch Williams


what a ride it's been

How in the world did I get all those roles enabling me to help entrepreneurs and creatives professionals figure stuff out? 

Easy. I’ve done a bit... but that’s only half of it.




I consider myself the ultimate-hyphenate, having worked in significant positions across a diverse range of disciplines, including holding one of the top 5 Advertising positions in the World. As Worldwide Director of Advertising for PepsiCo, responsible for over $250 million in production budgets that supported $1+ billion in media spending, we pioneered product placement in films like Rainman and Back to the Future with Pepsi, Cheetos, and Doritos products. You’ll never watch those films the same way again after realizing you know who put them there. Cool, huh?

Sadly, my high-flying, globe-trotting career wasn’t to last. I went from travelling around the world – my last count was 75 countries- to being totally housebound and incapacitated with a ‘medical mystery illness’ for over 15 years. My daily life was plagued with paralyzing vertigo that often let me unable to even walk down the street. Through sheer determination and perseverance to recover, I uncovered through my own research that my ‘mystery illness’ turned out to be a mold toxicity and chronic neurological Lyme disease. Today I’m nearly back to full health and thriving after turning my negative situation into a positive one, through perseverance and plain grit.

After I left corporate America, determined to push onwards, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, starting my own enterprises including one of the first crowdsourced entertainment platforms ‘MovieHatch’ and the entertainment beacon, ‘Global Media Fusion’ which became a 7-figure business in just 21 months (post illness - see other column). Explore the stories of these entertainment entities on their respective pages- MovieHatch & Global Media Fusion.

As I said, I’ve done a bit. I’ve lived many lives, tried lot of things, and have plenty of wisdom and expertise to share with others. If friends had to describe me in 3 words? Tenacious, Practical and Courageous.

here's what they said...

A glimpse of what its like to work with Lauren...

Julieanne Ford, Screenwriter, 22Emeralds.com

Lauren's such a straightforward person, so I know exactly how she feels about what I'm doing and that's exactly what I need. And also she's just so much fun to work with. We do a lot of laughing and, you know, mixing that in with the serious talk. It's just the perfect way to work ... for me anyway. I'm gaining so much knowledge and honestly, my career would not be where it is today without Lauren.

now it's my time for giving back...

Equipping you with tool to achieve success

Some people laugh and say that if I was stuck on a desert island, I would have it up and running as a cocktail bar and resort in no time! Lime margaritas anyone?

I've been in your shoes & sat in the same seats

Providing insider tips to nail your pitch

Helping you tap into skills you already have

Helping you stroll out of meeting with success

Now? Your turn to walk in to a room & win it!

My story inspires my mission to empower and help people to be successful on their chosen path, equipping people with the tools, techniques, and strategy to achieve anything they set their mind to. My motto is if you can dream it, you can do it.

Through my past work experience, current entrepreneurial ventures, and difficult personal trials, it made me acutely aware of what people go through in trying to get their business, script, or idea safely through the gauntlet of investors and gatekeepers, and onto the road to success.

We've all been there. Pitching our business ideas, script or venture to a room full of people... with our sweaty palms and racing heart on top of the pressure of trying not to blow it. After all, so much could rest on what people think about your presentation or pitch. It could change your life - so let's make sure it works!

During my illness, I became deaf in one ear, lost visual perception which halted my driving ability, and sometimes, was even unable to talk. I was forced to rely on my senses in an uncommon way to find ways to win the room when I thought I couldn't. I harnessed skills I didn't know I had. Now I want to help you do the same (without the same physical handicaps, of course!)

The successes - and failures - I've endured over the past 35+ years, both in business and personally, have enabled me to create a skills tool I call "Uncommon Sensibility", together with a process I call the "Wheel of Uncommon Influence". Both harness our senses and the natural skills everyone has at their finger tips... skills that give you the ability to walk into any room and achieve a positive result, by reading the room accurately to win it!

It's time for you to learn how to WIN THE ROOM, to take control, have ethical, positive influence and persuasion. Like learning a code that everyone has. Once you have the key, everything becomes much simpler. It opens the door to more control on your part by understanding how to interact and build relationships, however small, with others.

Looking for YOUR secret ingredient?

Now you know how I got to where I am today... 

but the future for us all has yet to be written.

I know I would like to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and HELP you to succeed in whatever you want to do. And if you don't know what that is, then I can help you find out.

That's what I'm here for...

  • To uncover your special powers
  • To untangle your conundrums
  • To unravel those enigmas

Bring your dreams, your goal, and your skills. I'll bring the tools, techniques, and truck loads of experience. Together we'll find the path that leads you to your dreams. 

Forget a yellow brick road. We're paving a gold one.

Drop me a line, send me a note. I'd love to hear from you

                                                                                              - Lauren